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Programme Services

 Programme Services

Entering Russian Market Service

Entering Russian market is a complicated endeavour, even if a company already has export experience elsewhere. The Programme encompasses all major business stakeholders in Russia like Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, European Businesses Association, Confindustria Russia likewise Russian SMEs Associations (OPORA Russia and Business Russia). Our experts and partners know the Russian market, know the culture and speak the language. Due to that we are in a position to assist foreign companies in entering Russian market with less risks, less hassle and much faster. If a company has distributors in Russia already, we are in a position to facilitate its expansion in Russia as well. 

We differ from all existing business support institutions and consultants in Russia and abroad. In addition to standard service to informing and advising on what is needed for a product to cross the Russian customs border (Russia is making part of the Eurasian Economic Union – EEU - together with Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan) we are providing a "One-Window-Shop" service for a company wishing to enter the Russian market and are accompanying the foreign company concerned through the process and procedures while mobilizing potential clients. Nobody else does that.

"One-Window-Shop" means that if a foreign company needs to register its product, prepare regulatory documents (technical terms, certificates, declarations) and receive Russian State Registration Certificate – we will take care of that. If it needs to make laboratory tests – we find a laboratory to do that. If registration of a trade mark in Russia is needed - we arrange that. To fit into Russian customs requirements – we choose the best option for the customs procedure, prepare a set of documents to confirm customs code and value, etc. In parallel to the above we start looking for potential buyers (distributors and end-users) from the very beginning through advertising foreign company’s product among Russian companies. Usually show-up of interest comes after 2-3 months of promotion. By that time all documents are ready and as of month 4 normally sales could be launched. Consultancy starts with checking what is needed based on CE certificates, MSDS and customs codes of foreign company’s product. We would identify what are the Russian legal requirements with regard to the product concerned, would select those "One-Window-Shop" partners who would provide the foreign company with a concrete service and would fix the costs.

With regard to our consultancy price we minimize foreign company expenses to extend possible and reasonable. Each price depends upon a volume of work to be done. Main services: Agent agreement (commission fee); Global Business Partnership Search Portal - 12 months fee €100; partner/client search - €1,500 (€100x15w/d over 3 months); 12 months e-mail promotion in Russia - €500; checking reliability of a Russian company - €300. In case of an Agent Agreement we charge a sum of €850 as an advance payment to check Russian legal requirements and analyse the product to be promoted from the viewpoint of a similar items already available on the market, prices, producers, dealers, etc. The advance payment sum of €850 is to be deducted later on from the first fee installment. Agent’s commission fee is negotiable and usually ranges from 2% to 20%, depending on the industry. We ask also our "One-Window-Shop" partners to charge minimum for each separate service needed.

During Phase 1 we would be promoting foreign company’s products among Russian potential distributors and end-users, investigate on potential interest, assess availability of competitors in Russia and their products/services prices, investigate on certification and licences, trade mark, customs clearance/logistics needs for foreign company’s products / services. We would involve our "One-Window-Shop" partners to arrange everything needed. Thus we would assist in elaborating entry strategy in terms of procedures to be followed, actions to be taken, price policy to be implemented.

During Phase 2 (months 4-6) we would continue promoting products among Russian potential distributors and end-users to raise further interest. We would also check their compliance - type of existing activity, CEO, registration date and number, TIN, legal address, income and expenses, founders, contacts, etc.

During Phase 3 (as of month 7) as an Agent we would be continuously promoting products among Russian potential distributors and end-users, identifying more distribution channels likewise advising on business development and public relations in Russia.



Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow Government

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